An ordinary afternoon on Karpathos Island

Today, incidentally, our small morning walk ended already at noon, on the contrary, as often happens at somewhere around two or three o´clock - the wayside taverns can prolong our trip.

   We did not even have a siesta today. The temperature stayed at a comfortable state. So we decided to drive by bus to one of the nearby villages and possibly walk back to the city.

   The bus station was already in operation. None of the buses did give any information  about where it was going to drive. Timetables were found on the wall as well as a note, which announced that the bus would only be driven if there were at least ten passengers. 

There were also a sale of fish and a loyal guy of the merchant. The fish were in the box without ice at the edge of the hot street. The wasps also seemed to love the fish.


After waiting for her time, the cat was lucky, the man softened and threw a fish to the cat. Catching the gift with her teeth she retired to enjoy it under the bus. There was no danger. Ten passengers did not appear. We started as apostles.

We climbed up the street uphill from the city side overlooking down the valley. We were going to go there!

On another day we managed to get a bus to Menetes,  the faint white village on the top left side of the picture, from where we actually walked back down to Pigadia.


From the top of the mountains a stormy wind blew down. You can notice the tree that has been there before in the heavy wind. Sometimes you had to stop and wonder if it would be better for you to turn sideways to the wind your unnaturally wide shoulders or your mighty stomach.

The lower valley was more peaceful.

And peaceful were sheeps, too, resting in the shadows of  two trees.

At last we arrived to civilization with a pair of legs already severely stressed. Water bottles were empty. Hunger reduced a bit of our vitality. So let's go to the oasis after the wilderness!

  Thirst got the proper care.

  Then we removed hunger with snacks.

Nourishment for the soul at the hotel - unless a small nap before a small night walk.

When discussing the options for our evening meal we noticed that there were going negotiations elsewhere. Can it be hard for the dog's self-esteem to be forced to eat cat food? Dog tail between her legs! Surrounded by disrespectful cats!

- And damn it! I eat!

So we enjoyed, too. Mmm! Moussaka and retsina!

After dinner, we sat with our full bellies on the bench and watched the boy's football game. Of course I do not show their pictures. One need to be aware of the rules of the internet.

Gradually, the night began to darken in Pigadia. We did not go to the nightclub this time, too.

Good night!  

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