Karpathos rhymes

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It´s not a threat to deception,
even if they hit the road.
It´s Greek Karpathos the direction 
to continue their tours abroad.

Helmi nicely remembers to pack ,
no important thing should be left.
Ilmi do not care much of her bag,
In the end all goes fine and perfect.

Our third friend is called Sophy,
who never knew a word of hurry.
She allways needs some coffee,
before even thinks of worry.

Who put the things in pieces,
some pillars seem to float?
The girls think first of teases,
but they came to the ancient thought.

( Ruins of Agia Fotini, 35°30'49.5"N 27°12'03.6"E )

It's hard to find an oasis
so hard is the ground,
covered all in dusty shit,
no lambs in their lousy pit.

( 35°30'32.3"N 27°12'16.4"E )

Too much speed at the late night party
had been going on with the girls.
Someone must been really smarty:
See the walls, see the holes on the roof,
you fools!

( 35°31'09.6"N 27°11'54.4"E )

Sophy wants to have some waffles,
therefore sitting in the bar.
She is forced to use her towels
to be clean like a movie star.

( 35°30'29.8"N 27°12'57.0"E )

Ilmi's guy was quite tired,
there was a lot of food.
The friendship might been fired,
rest will help their mood.

( 35°30'30.0"N 27°12'57.2"E )


A devoted moment at the church.
If up the hill you try to walk,
you leave all evil thoughts and cheats,
to get the spirit white as chalk.

( The church of Panormitis, 35°30'37.3"N 27°13'00.2"E )

Mountain village Apéri,
the streets are steep and narrow,
let´s find Granny's bakery,
her bread is sweet to swallow.

Grandma told the story,
her donkey kicked the dog,
whether it is too boring,
not suitable for this blog.

( Apéri, 35°33'09.2"N 27°10'15.7"E )

On an excursion in the olive grove,
climbers in the tree,
the natural cradle in the south,
fresh taste in the mouth.

( 35°31'09.0"N 27°11'49.1"E )

To the naked beach Sophy wanted,
whose courage suddenly fell.
Her feelings were pretty haunted, 
but the cardboard was a relief - you can tell.

( 35°31'33.4"N 27°11'54.5"E )

Helmi was bothered by thirst,
but the water was too high.
Now how do I get up there at first,
don´t you say I have to fly.

( 35°32'59.5"N 27°10'10.9"E )

Poor good shepherdess
got the wool from a bunch of sheeps.
Gently cut, nevertheless,
hardly anybody stopped his sleeps.

( 35°30'34.4"N 27°11'31.6"E )

To the sea I´ll launch my boat of bark,
and after my journey of worry,
through the pain and trouble and dark
I'll give you my treasure, I´m sorry.

( 35°31'33.4"N 27°11'54.5"E

Who is afraid of the waves!
We three are on the brink,
not like some three shy wives
who hardly dare the blink.

( 35°45'04.8"N 27°14'58.9"E )

We have to climb the stairs,
the village far below.
Good souvenirs and wares
was offering a fellow.

( Ólympos, 35°44'25.6"N 27°10'24.9"E )

Saturday, 7 October 2017

A sailor´s wife is longing,
children without food in her arms,
alone waiting, dreaming, hoping,
she is frightened of her heart alarms.

( Diafani, 35°45'19.0"N 27°12'37.9"E )

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