One typical morning on the island of Karpathos

On a longer holiday, when there is no need to follow a hasty day program, to be sure to experience and see everything you need to experience and see, you may follow some kind of routine in your time control. Someone could say it is a repeating practice. Well,  old habits die hard. Our typical day in Pigadia went in this style:

For decades, we have woken up in the morning at six o'clock, whether it was a work period or a vacation. Nothing has changed now that we are retired. And because hotels rarely offer breakfast at this time, we prefer aparthotels. The breakfast is often so simple.

Simple and impractical is usually kitchen equipment in these apartments and our careless order does not add value to the aesthetic impression.

Instead, receiving the morning on the balcony, with time, in all peace, pleases your eyes and your mind.

Gradually, others will also wake up. Fishermen are heading to the sea.

The sun is already giving a kiss to the mountains of the Apéri village, illuminating the slopes. The ugly electronic transformer on the left flared into flames on the only rainy day of our holiday. The wiring insulation glowed long overnight.

I waited with determination and finally got the sun to light up  the upstairs of the hotel, which was a sign for the beginning of a new coffee-break.

At this point it was possible to find something on the net, but the main thing was to watch the people who were on their way to work - always the same and at the same time. If someone was missing, you had to be concerned about the reason for absence.


That cat had somehow jumped into our balcony for a night, and I was surprised by finding her in the morning.

There was a feeding dispenser where the cats gathered before the sun rises. These seem to be quite sated.
At this stage of the morning activities, it develops  a need to start up and equip for a small morning walk. Money and water, sunscreen fluid maybe and the cameras certainly in the bag. And then go.

  But because it was early,

  In Pigadia, the streets were deserted,

  and the bars were empty.


The doors of "The Life of Angels" (Η ζωή των αγγελων) were closed, too.


... finally we found a corner cafe where we got relief from the lack of coffee.

The season is almost over. It shows. It has a certain mood. But it does not hurt us - on the contrary.


You can peacefully enjoy what you do not see during the busy day.


Lift the sails up at the end of the morning walk and sail towards the hotel!

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